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Grow Houses, Greenhouses & Grow Bags

Grow your own fruit and vegetables all year long with Eckman professional quality grow houses! Our broad array of pop-up poly houses, cloches, grow houses, crop cages, grow bags, hanging grow bags, grow tunnels and multiple shelved greenhouses can be assembled in minutes and will withstand the frosty and cold winter climate. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced grow house gardener at Eckman we can match you with an apparatus that compliments the size of your garden or allotment, the scale of your growing ambitions and your preferred crops and plants.
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picture of Fleece Plant Jackets SALE

Fleece Plant Jackets

Protect plants and shrubs from frost

Was £4.99
picture of Hanging Tomato Bag

Hanging Tomato Bag

Grow your own tomatoes no matter how big or small your outdoor space is

Was £9.99
picture of 3-Shelf Greenhouse with Wheels

3-Shelf Greenhouse with Wheels

Easy-up greenhouse allows you to 'grow your own' when space is at a premium

picture of Grow Tunnels

Grow Tunnels

Protect your crops or flowers from the weather and pests

picture of Giant 2m Walk-in Greenhouse

Giant 2m Walk-in Greenhouse

A large but portable greenhouse for all your fruit and veg

picture of 4-Shelf Staging SALE

4-Shelf Staging

Need more shelfs for your greenhouse?

Was £19.99