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Composters & Composting

Growing your own compost is a great way to recycle your garden or kitchen waste and support the growth of your garden plants, flowers and crops. By placing your leftover food scraps, leaves and garden debris into one of our Eckman compost bins you can generate nutrient-rich fertiliser in a matter of weeks.

We currently offer a variety of composters from the traditional compost bins to an innovative dual-drum tumbling composte, as well as a handy kitchen compost bin.

The nutrient enriched organic compost can then be used for raised beds, vegetable garden, indoor plants or for general application to your garden soil, trees and shrubs.
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picture of Blackwall Compost Converter

Blackwall Compost Converter

Turn your garden and kitchen waste into a rich soil conditioner

picture of 9L Odour-Free Compost Caddy

9L Odour-Free Compost Caddy

Produce your own nutrient-rich compost and fertiliser