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Storage - Tidy away garden tools

Across the United Kingdom one of the primary concerns of seasoned gardeners is their lack of storage space for everyday tools and supplies. At Eckman we are dedicated to ensuring that gardening is an enjoyable pastime and not a chore. Consequently we have sourced a multitude of efficient storage products so that our customers can indulge in their gardening interests without having to wrestle with clutter every time they open their garden shed!

We stock a wide range of plastic and steel shelving units that can be assembled in minutes. These durable and rust-resistant shelves do not require nuts, bolts or tools for assembly and one constructed they can house all manner of garden tools, seeds and supplies for many years.
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picture of Weatherproof Garden Storage Box

Weatherproof Garden Storage Box

Protect cushions and tools from the elements

picture of 1.8m x 0.9m 5-Shelf Metal Boltless Racking

1.8m x 0.9m 5-Shelf Metal Boltless Racking

Each shelf can take loads up to 265kg and is assembled without needing nuts, bolts or tools

Was £59.99
picture of 2.2m x 1.2m Boltless 5-Tier Metal Framed Racking SALE

2.2m x 1.2m Boltless 5-Tier Metal Framed Racking

Warehouse strength steel racking – at a warehouse price!

Was £69.99
picture of 7-Piece Garden Tool Tidy

7-Piece Garden Tool Tidy

All of your spades, forks, rakes and brooms in one place

picture of Fireside Indoor Log Store SALE

Fireside Indoor Log Store

Store your logs next to your fire, ready for use

Was £16.99
picture of Wooden Storage Shed

Wooden Storage Shed

Ideal place to house your gardening tools and accessories

Was £249.99
picture of 1.1m Log Store

1.1m Log Store

Keep logs secure and dry, ready for use

Was £49.99