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Pond Care - Keep your fish healthy

Keep your pond in perfect condition with the help of Eckman pond care products and supplies! We can equip you with a wide range of maintenance tools and devices as well as numerous decorative water features which will revitalise your pond population and provide an awe-inspiring centrepiece for your garden. We offer a broad selection of pond skimmers, aerators, fountain pumps, pond guards, oxygenators, solar powered water fountains, vacuum cleaning tools and other apparatus.

We recognise the need for cost-effective and long-lasting products that will help oxygenate and circulate water around your pond whilst clearing it of debris. Consequently we can provide you with several multi-purpose products that will sustain your pond and its inhabitants for any years to come.
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picture of Pond Guard - Pack of 30

Pond Guard - Pack of 30

A system of interlocking, floating net rings to protect your pond and fish

Was £39.99
picture of Solar Lily Floating Fountain

Solar Lily Floating Fountain

Star Star Star Star Star (0 reviews)

Decorative fountain that helps oxygenate and circulate water without on-going operational costs

Was £49.99
picture of Tornado PondVac™

Tornado PondVac™

Star Star Star No Star No Star (0 reviews)

Cleaner ponds lead to healthier plants and fish

Was £29.99
picture of Eco Pond Clear

Eco Pond Clear

Leaves ponds looking clearer and cleaner and enhances conditions for aquatic life

picture of Heavy-Duty Pond Liners

Heavy-Duty Pond Liners

Easy-to-use liner ideal for smaller ponds