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Bird Care - Feeders, tables & houses

Everyone deserves a luxurious holiday - even wildlife! Fortunately with Eckman's broad range of high quality bird feeders, tables, baths and houses you can transform your garden into a decadent getaway destination for your neighbourhood wildlife.

Regardless of the size of your garden we supply a variety of spacious yet compact bird tables and houses. Our selection of Window Bird Feeders and Hanging Wooden Bird Tables are ideal for smaller gardens with restricted floor space whereas our deluxe Wooden Bird Tables and 4-In-1 Solar Bird Hotel products will serve as eye-catching centrepieces for larger gardens and outdoor spaces.
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picture of Wooden Squirrel Hotel

Wooden Squirrel Hotel

Give squirrels a room for the night!

picture of Wooden Insect Hotel

Wooden Insect Hotel

Give insects and bees a room for the night!

picture of Wooden Bird Hotel

Wooden Bird Hotel

Give birds a room for the night!

picture of Complete Bird Feed Tub

Complete Bird Feed Tub

Attract a variety of birdlife to your garden

picture of Oyster Shell Bird Bath

Oyster Shell Bird Bath

Beautiful bronze-effect bird bath with intricate design