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3-in-1 Pond Pump

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3-in-1 Pond Pump

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Say goodbye to fishing around with a net, to let this ingenious floating pond skimmer do the hard work for you.


For healthier pond life it’s crucial to clean your pond regularly as over-time as well as being unsightly, debris can rot to become harmful to fish. 

Say goodbye to fishing around with a net to capture leaves, dirt and grime and instead let this ingenious floating pond skimmer do the hard work for you.

Simply anchor (kit supplied) this fully water-resistant electric pond skimmer to the base of a pond and it’ll automatically filter and collect unwanted debris.

What’s more, the powerful 55W pump (with 10m cable) will pump around 1800L per hour of water which gives the pond much needed aerated water for fish to thrive on.

Plus, not only will this 2-in-1 pump provide a healthier pond but also give it a stunning spectacle through its fountain pump which will shoot water up to 40cm (16”). 3 spray effects: jet, sprinkler and mushroom.

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