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Garden Equipment

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner horticulturist, Eckman can supply you with a variety of professional quality garden equipment and accessories to suit all of your outdoor needs.

We have an extensive selection of pond care and bird care products, whilst our pest repellents will drive pesky insects, wildlife and domestic pets out of your garden. If you are looking for robust storage facilities or cleaning supplies then we offer multiple types of shelving units, utility cabinets, storage boxes, drain covers, gutter cleaners, garden pathways, leaf grabbers and washing brushes. We provide a range of security and winter essentials supplies to protect your garden from both the elements and unwanted intruders. From ladders, wheelbarrows and garden trucks to pressure washers, sprayers and even motoring supplies, at Eckman we can provide you with all manner of gardening supplies to suit your individual needs.