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Pest-Stop Clothes Moth Killer Paper (Pack of 10)

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Pest-Stop Clothes Moth Killer Paper (Pack of 10)

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  • Long lasting, effective for 6 months

  • Protects clothes from moth larvae

  • Each paper protects a space of up to 1 square metre

  • No need to wash or dry clean products after use.



These fragrance free, discreet insecticidal paper strips kill the full lifecycle of the clothes moth: adult moths, larvae and eggs. The larvae of the clothes moth is destructive, eating through natural fibres such as cashmere and wool, leaving holes in clothes, garments and carpets if left untreated. To use, simply place these strips in contained affected areas such as wardrobes, drawers, airing cupboards and suitcases to easily protect your clothes and textiles and stopping every stage of the moth life cycle.

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